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Python first program

Python can be executed either in command line or file program.

for command line execution you need to get in to python environment, for that need to open your terminal and type python, then you will get in to python environment.
We will print string "Hello World" using python, for that you need to type print "Hello World" . This will print Hello World 

 for exiting from python environment press ctrl+d in pc.

or you can execute through as file program for that , open you text editor and type print "Hello World"   and save it as . for example , for running you need to type python      and hit enter.



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creating first go program

for creating go program open your editor and paste this code, and save it as filename.go for example helloworld.go

package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, 世界") }
I will explain these codes in details for now , we will look how to run these code.

to run type go run helloworld.go  in terminal , we get

you can try golang online as well , golang