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variable in ruby

Variables are temporal space for assigning a value in programs.It is like when we assign value in some variable in algebraic equation back in schools.In ruby we can assign any value in to variable.

Here x = 10 that means a value of 10 is assigned to variable x and y is assigned a value of 20.When a variable assigned with a particular type of object the variable also act a like type of that object so when we call "x.class" it will return fixnum. When we call variable that is not initialized,it will return with message uninitialized local variable z.


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creating first go program

for creating go program open your editor and paste this code, and save it as filename.go for example helloworld.go

package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, 世界") }
I will explain these codes in details for now , we will look how to run these code.

to run type go run helloworld.go  in terminal , we get

you can try golang online as well , golang