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symbols in ruby

Symbols are good way to save memory,What's that mean?. When object is created each time in ruby it is allocated with a memory,when we instantiate same object again and again it will also create a additional new memory.But symbols don't lets look in to a example

When ever we instantiated the same object in each time the object_id of that string object gives different memory locations but in case of symbols memory location are same.Thats means symbols can hold the same for each call but string cannot.


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creating first go program

for creating go program open your editor and paste this code, and save it as filename.go for example helloworld.go

package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, 世界") }
I will explain these codes in details for now , we will look how to run these code.

to run type go run helloworld.go  in terminal , we get

you can try golang online as well , golang